When we look at celebrities on magazine covers they always look amazing. In fact, we begin to think we must have the worst genes ever! The Hollywood Stars always look beautiful, sexy, and perfect. Well, there is a little secret that you might want to know about. A digital enhancing tool called Photoshop can make subtle and not so subtle changes to those pictures. Here’s a picture of Kelly Clarkson:

Notice the color enhancement and around the buttocks and waist they have slimmed her down a bit.  Also look at her face – it is elongated and less round on the right. This one is subtle and not too dramatic but lets look at the next one.

I think this Russian Magazine Cover shows the hidden power of photoshop.  The model looks great in the original picture.  However, she looks perfect on the magazine cover.  Let’s look more carefully at what they did.  It is subtle yet powerful.  They enhanced the lighting and color.  They slimmed down her waist and legs.  The fluffed her hair our more.   They softened her facial features and complexion.  Wow, that’s a lot of work.

Now, don’t feel so bad if you don’t look like a super-model,  because if you had photoshop…you might become one.